Where's the most amazing place you've traveled?

My list is exhaustive! At times I feel I’ve spent more time abroad than I have at home. I love the feeling of being on the back of a Vespa winding my way along the rugged coastline of Sorrento, risking life and limb with each corner in the mountainside. I never knew my own stamina before I walked a New York city block; slinging back oysters at the John Dory Fish Bar in NoMad before walking off dinner via the Chelsea High Line. For a country on the brink of financial ruin, the positivity and generosity of the Portuguese makes my heart sing and for a self confessed epicurean, I had my culinary socks blown off in Ubud, Bali.

What whets your palate?

I’m not from around here so perhaps you can show me the sights? I'm clocking up my culinary kilometres, having dined so far at Sake, Pony, Bacchus and Madam Wu to name a few however I enjoy food and sex with equal vigour. A fabulous meal is in my experience, the perfect pre-curser to an extraordinary night of debauchery. On the list of things to do before I hit the bucket? Wearing a breezy backless dress while open air dining at a restaurant suspended 160ft in the sky.

What music do you most enjoy listening to?

There’s little music I don’t love. I’ve a brilliant pair of Sonos speakers that travel with me to match my choice of music to the moment at hand. Driving along the coastline in California I’d Eddie Vedder and “The Boss’ Bruce Springsteen on repeat. For feeling fabulous ahead of an evening out: Frank Sinatra. For anything tedious like study I enjoy listening to Sebastian Bach or Franz Liszt. For private reflection, nothing beats the hoarse, gritty vocals of Otis Redding and for intimate, saucy moments with my clients I can’t go past Portishead radio on Pandora. If someone can show me how to access Pandora in Australia I’ll be thrilled.

How do you usually dress?


My off duty look depending on climate, country and occasion, may include white denim jeans, a black leather sandal or a nude Louboutin mid-heel and a flirty cotton Broderie Anglaise blouse, black backless bodysuit or silk button up top. My jewellery is always subtle so diamond studs, a single gold bracelet, necklace or a fabulous watch. For island hopping or smart nights out, Zimmermann is my go to label and my life wouldn't be complete without drawer upon drawer of Agent Provocateur and La Perla lingerie.